Many times when some incident happens to a person, he/she keeps thinking about it for a long time. The thoughts of that incident keep running in the person’s mind throughout the day, but when these symptoms are seen after a traumatic event, then it can be called acute stress disorder –

Do not forget the incident

The most common symptom of acute stress disorder is remembering the traumatic event over and over again. In this situation, the person thinks about that incident again and again. He/She goes into a flashback. He/She can see that incident in memories or even in dreams. This can even affect a person’s sleep.

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Think negative

If a person keeps thinking negatively all the time after a traumatic incident, then it can be a symptom of acute stress disorder. In this situation, negative thoughts can come into the person’s mind. He may be depressed and feel stressed.

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Do not go to the scene

People who have ASD after a traumatic event. They often do not like to visit that place again. They avoid thoughts, people, and places that they associate with the traumatic event. Therefore, this condition can also be considered as a symptom of ASD.

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Being tense

Persistent stress after a traumatic event can also be a symptom of ASD. In this situation, the person may have problems related to sleep. There may be difficulty in concentrating. Not only this, the person may become irritable after the incident. People suffering from ASD may always be in anxietystress, and depression.

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Loss of appetite

Many people go into depression after a traumatic event. In this condition, they feel less hungry. Along with this, the weight also starts decreasing. In this situation, they may feel restless and tired. These conditions can also be a symptom of acute stress disorder.

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