Amnesty International claims children were killed in protests in Iran


Iran a religious Islamic country in east Asia is often ruled by various doctrines and the Islamic faith of ancient ethics always plays an important role in government administration.

In a recent outrage for clothing for women in Iran, thousands of people took to the street to protest against the government’s implementing dress codes. saying that their born right to what to wear is the wearer’s choice.

According to a new report by Human Rights Watch, nearly two dozen children died during protests in Iran in September alone. The report accused Iranian security forces of targeting youths with “total impunity”.

According to a 19-page report released by Amnesty International on Thursday, at least 23 children were killed in the last 10 days of September alone. The latest protests against the Islamic regime that has ruled Iran for decades began after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

Amini died after being detained by the religious police for not wearing her hijab properly.

Iranian people took to the street protest after Mahsa Amini killed by security forces in Iran claiming she was not wearing Hijab properly.
Iranian people took to the street protest after Mahsa Amini was killed by security forces in Iran claiming she was not wearing Hijab properly.

After her death, women took to the streets to protest against the strict laws imposed on them by the state, and men have also come to the streets to help them. Protests turned violent in many places amid government repression against protesters.

According to Amnesty, among the 23 children killed, 20 were teenagers aged 11 to 17, and three were teenagers. According to Amnesty, “almost half of the recorded child victims” are from minority communities, and the most “violent day” of the government arrests occurred on September 30.

Amnesty’s statement goes on to say – ‘Iranian security forces have killed people and children with complete impunity in an attempt to crush the spirit of resistance among the country’s youth and maintain their grip on power.”

The number of 23 dead children mentioned in the Amnesty report is for September alone, not including any children killed during the October protests.

According to Amnesty, it has collected the names and details of a total of 144 women, men, and children killed by Iranian security forces since the protests began on October 3.

Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has accused the protesters of being “agents of the West” and called for action against them.

There are several countries and communities around the world where their disbeliefs about short-wearing clothing create social problems and increase crimes but in fact, it is baseless and untrue.

if the wearing of short clothing is the mean of inviting crime, think what would happen to those in Latin America, Europe, and America?
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