Annual SEE exam Progam Scheduled For this year


Some are still iconized SEE as the Iron gate to pass grade 10th of Nepal’s school education.
It must be just another annual exam to be evaluated by schools to promote students for further education but in Nepal, it’s traumatized and the government pouring millions of rupees into the board just to conduct annual exams of students.

The annual examination of this year’s Secondary Education Examination (SEE) will be held from the Last week of March 2023.
According to the annual timetable for the examination of the academic session 2023 published by the Examination Control Office under the National Examination Board, the SEE examination will be held from the last week of March 2023.

The results are scheduled to be published within the third week of June 2023. The examination will be jointly conducted by the District/Province/Examination Controlling Office. The work of publishing the result will be done by the board’s examination control office class 10.

SEE examination schedule 2079

The exam timetable will be published in the third week of January. The marks of the practical examination and the disqualification details should be sent by the middle of February. The supplementary examination will be held in the first week of August 2023.

As new arrangements will be made regarding the registration of class 9 students, the examination control office has informed us that it will be published after the schedule in coordination with the Provincial Examination Conducting and Management Committee.

The board had earlier published the schedule of the annual examination for classes 11 and 12 as well. The schedule for this year’s class 12th annual exam was announced to be held from the last week of April 2023.

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