Apple has started manufacturing iPhone-14 in India


Do Political differences between the two countries affect private business too?
Apple Corporation has started manufacturing its new series of iPhones and other accessories in India.

Looking to move its supply chain out of China, Apple has announced that it has started manufacturing its iPhone 14 series in India.

Apple has been making most of its phones in China. However, as the tension between Washington and Beijing increased, the company moved some of its products out of China.

China’s zero-covid policy, which led to nationwide strict lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic, has also affected various businesses.

The technology giant launched its latest phone, the iPhone 14 series, at the beginning of September this year.
“The new iPhone 14 line-up introduces groundbreaking new technologies and significant security capabilities,” Apple said in a statement. We are excited to manufacture iPhone 14 in India.’

Taiwan-based Foxconn, which manufactures most of Apple’s phones, has since 2017 opened a manufacturing facility in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. There it has been manufacturing older versions of handsets.

But now, it is a great joy for India that Apple has started manufacturing its latest product iPhone 14 in India.

By betting on India, Apple is looking to expand its footprint there. Last year, Apple’s share in the Indian market was only 4 percent. Apple is struggling to compete with much cheaper South Korean and Chinese smartphones to continue to dominate the Indian smartphone market.

However, the phones are not cheap due to high import duties on components and other taxes while manufacturing iPhones in India. Even if Indians get the ‘Made in India’ tag on their iPhones, the price will be expensive.

The announcement of increased production of iPhones in India seems to be a big victory for the administration of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Modi government launched its flagship ‘Make in India’ campaign eight years ago with the aim of boosting the country’s manufacturing and exports.

In the meantime, China is struggling politically inside the country as well as with the west in the context of the Russia vs Ukraine war along with its own territories such as Taipei, Hong Kong, Tibet, and Taiwan and has long been supporting North Korea.

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