Billionaire Chaudhary’s nearest opponent the clever Tripathi? Who to vote for?


Nepal’s only dollar billionaire Vinod Chaudhary contesting the upcoming election from Nawalparasi -1 with some other 23 opponents, his dire competition is assumed with clever politician Hridayesh Tripathi.
Changing Political parties from one to another at various times by Businessmen is still an unknown dilemma in our Political system.

No one ever talked about the reason and urgency of associating with political parties during their active business hours. Probably it may have benefited them to succeed in their business model or in tax rebates but it is not a clear mandate to anyone in the general public.

Industrialists who have been successful in the field of enterprise business are going to compete with the leaders this year.
Businessmen are filling and participating in the election competition in the House of Representatives and State Assembly elections to be held on the 20th of November.

Billionaire Vinod Chaudhary has become a direct candidate from Nawalparasi-1 for the House of Representatives. 67-year-old Chaudhary was nominated by the Nepali Congress on behalf of the ruling coalition.

Chaudhary, who is also the chairman of Chaudhary Group, which operates multinational companies from Nepal, is competing with Hridayesh Tripathi, a smart political player this time.

The experience of facing parliament with billionaire businessman Chaudhary is more than 10 years old.

He was a Member of Parliament on behalf of CPN-UML in the second Constituent Assembly election held in 2013. After that, in the election held in 2017, he became a proportional member of parliament on behalf of the Nepali Congress. Now he is also a central member of the Nepali Congress.

However, Chaudhary has no experience in directly contesting elections for the House of Representatives. He is contesting direct elections for the first time.
Nawalparasi district, where he is going to contest the election, is not new for Chaudhary. And Chaudhary is not a new character for the voters of that district either. Because there are many industrial establishments of the Chaudhary Group in Nawalparasi.

Locals say that he has done a lot of social, development, infrastructure, and employment work in that area. Chowdhury can easily win the election due to his past works. In this too, because the ruling coalition is in a strong state nationwide, it may be easy for Choudhary to win the election.

However, for Chaudhary, a successful player in the business world, the competition with Hridayesh Tripathi, a smart player in the political world, may not be very easy. MP Tripathi, who was elected from the same constituency with the support of UML in the last election, has also received the support of UML this time.

However, the difference is that in the 2017 election, Tripathi became a candidate with the UML election symbol, this time he is contesting with the election symbol of his own party Janata Pragatisheel Party.

After the political changes of 1990, Tripathi, who had the opportunity to become a minister and chairman of parliamentary committees, is not a politically weak player. 17 candidates from 10 different parties and 7 independents are competing to be elected to the House of Representatives from the same constituency where the competition between Chaudhary and Tripathi has been analyzed.

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