Council of Ministers’ decision to implement the 10-point agreement with Dr. Govind KC


Kathmandu- The government of Nepal has decided to implement the agreement reached on September 24th with Professor Dr. Gobind KC, a medical education reform campaigner. The meeting of the Council of Ministers approved the agreement made with Dr. KC and decided to implement it.

Dr. KC started the 20th hunger strike in Dhangadhi demanding improvement in health services and medical education. On the 13th day, the government agreed on 10 points agreement with Dr. KC, who started the fast on September 12.

Likewise, the Cabinet meeting has decided to give in-principle approval to the concept paper of the bill made to make arrangements for the amendment and consolidation of the medicine-related law.
Dr. KC has gone on hunger strikes so many times and the government always promised and sign on papers an agreement promising to implement as stated but never fulfilled to date.

finally, this may start some action but it could be just an agenda of adding votes in favor of the current coalition government too.
The public healthcare system in Nepal is somewhat unthinkable even in today’s technological era.

What is your opinion on this topic? Do you think the current government will solely implement the agreement reached with Dr. KC?

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