Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) ViewModel commands: Can you change to left-hand?


Counter-Strike 2 ViewModel comes with the right hand by default, however, there are many in the community who prefer a left-handed ViewModel. This has always been the case for many FPS titles, including CS:GO, Valorant, and Call of Duty, where many players prefer a left-hand model over the default one as it helps make them more comfortable with the game.

Hence, it’s not all that surprising why there are many in the community who are looking for a way to change the default model in CS2 as they were able to do in the previous entry.

CS:GO allowed players to input a ViewModel command, which let them change from right to left and then back to right again. However, the same command does not seem to be working in Counter-Strike 2.

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Can you use Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) ViewModel command to switch to left-hand?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way you can change to left-hand using Counter-Strike 2 ViewModel commands. The commands that worked in CS:GO do not work in CS2 anymore, and there is no other alternative that players can attempt in order to change to a left-hand mode.

In CS:GO, players were able to input the following command in the prompt box after pressing “~”:

  • cl_righthand 0

This would instantly change their ViewModel from right to left, and then replacing “0” with “1” would bring it back to right again.

While this feature was there in CS:GO, such is not the case in CS2 as of yet. However, it’s likely to be made available in future updates because of just how much there is demand for it.

Why is there no Counter-Strike 2 ViewModel command for left-hand?

While Valve has not officially provided players with a statement on why they have not implemented a left-hand ViewModel command yet, many speculate that the reason might be because they are working on proper settings for ViewModel change.

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Riot Game’s Valorant too did not drop with a left-hand view switch feature. It was much later on, in one of the subsequent patches, did the developers introduced a proper feature for it.

Valve is likely following a similar principle, and instead of making it a command prompt, they will patch it in as an official feature in CS2.

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