Deion Sanders Jr. takes a trip down memory lane recalling his ‘Well Off’ tweet: “Now look at you young king” 


Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes are ready to jump back into action in week 5, putting last weekend’s humiliation in the rear view mirror. While they prepare to clash with the USC Trojans, Deion Sanders Jr. took the time to make a trip down the memory lane.

Coach Prime motivates often his followers with inspirational quotes on social media, and Deion Sanders Jr. has taken that habit from his father. A successful entrepreneur does know a thing or two about how to do better in life.

Sanders Jr.’s motivational skills were at full display as he compiled his ‘well off’ tweets as the trip down the memory lane puts out the Sanders family mindset for the fans to see.

Deion Sanders Jr. takes a social media memory trip

Deion Sanders Jr., the CEO of the ‘Well Off’ brand, compiled some motivational tweets that he has shared with his followers over the years. These tweets encompass his journey to become successful in the business world, and it seems that he is looking back at those quotes with pride.

Being a big part of what made his journey possible, Coach Prime’s eldest son wrote on Instagram while sharing the carousel of his old tweets:

“Now look at you young king”

In almost all the tweets he shared, Sanders Jr. is motivating himself and his followers to keep hustling. It will all pay off, he says:

“One day it will not be like this…..I swear to God,” one of the tweets says.

And right on, Sanders Jr. has come a long way in his entrepreneurial journey. He has established a brand for himself outside the football field that his father dominated during his career and is now helping Deion Sanders to get more eyeballs to the work he is doing in Boulder.

Well off really did pay off

Deion Sanders Jr. did not see himself following his father’s footsteps into the world of football. He wanted to do something different, thus, the ‘Well Off’ brand was born.

According to its website, it is a luxury brand that sells high end lifestyle with forays into clothing and accessories. The Colorado Buffaloes merchandise that the fans enjoy mostly comes from here.

Another venture is the Well Off Media brand which takes care of the social media and marketing of the Buffaloes football program. The Colorado HC credits his son before every YouTube video, and that branding has worked for both of them mutually.

Deion Sanders Jr. will be cheering on his father and brother when they take on the Trojans on Saturday. He would want them to emulate the success he has had in whatever field they try.

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