Exploring 4 reasons why LA Knight teamed up with John Cena on SmackDown 


LA Knight returned on the recent edition of WWE SmackDown, where he rescued John Cena from The Bloodline and became the official tag team partner for the Cenation Leader at Fastlane 2023.

However, many fans were expecting Randy Orton to return as an ally for Cena against the Samoan faction. Despite having other options, such as Cody Rhodes, in the company, WWE still chose to go with The Megastar.

With that kept in mind, let’s explore four reasons why Knight teamed up with the Cenation Leader for Fastlane 2023

#4. To put over LA Knight in a big way

One potential reason behind LA Knight teaming up with the Cenation Leader could be to elevate The Megastar in a significant manner. Since the return of the 16-time World Champion, he has been involved with Knight in every possible scenario.

However, being alongside Cena as a tag team partner could be the best-suited option for the company, alongside maintaining The Megastar’s babyface character on SmackDown.

#3. To prepare Knight for being a future Champion

Another potential reason for Knight and Cena being on the same team could be that the company is preparing The Megastar for a future title reign. Having a match alongside the Cenation Leader will eventually propel him into the bigger picture.

This could pave the way for the Stamford-based promotion to put a championship on the shoulders of LA Knight in the near future.

#2. To establish Knight as the top babyface of the company

LA Knight is already gaining major attention from the WWE Universe wherever he goes. Moreover, The Megastar also appears to be the top babyface among the full-time talents of the blue brand. However, teaming up with John Cena will significantly solidify his position as the top heroic character on the Blue brand.

The Cenation Leader is, so far, the only superstar who has never fully turned heel in the company, which endears him to a large portion of the audience.

#1. To setup a match between Roman Reigns and LA Knight

Another major reason for Knight joining Cena against The Bloodline could be to set up a future clash between Roman Reigns and Knight. There are also speculations regarding an Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match between these two.

The outcome of this Fastlane match could frustrate The Tribal Chief, leading him to confront Knight on SmackDown.

Moreover, a few weeks back, the former Million Dollar Champion also challenged the Undisputed Champion. Overall, all the potential hints seem to be pointing toward an upcoming match between Knight and Reigns, with the seeds being sown at Fastlane 2023.

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