“He would’ve called me by now, crying”: Tyrese Halliburton’s crazy take on Buddy Hield’s rumored Magic trade


Tyrese Haliburton of the Indiana Pacers is aware of the rumors surrounding teammate Buddy Hield a week before training camp. Hield has been linked to a potential trade after the Pacers failed to sign him to a contract extension. However, it seems like Haliburton is confident that Hield will be in Indiana this season.

In one of his NBA 2K live stream online, Haliburton was asked by fans about the potential Hield trade. The Team USA standout explained that if a deal was happening, his teammate would have called him by now. He also mocked the sharpshooting guard by being linked to the Orlando Magic.

“If you think a trade’s happening and l’m not aware, you’re a clown,” Haliburton said. “Just kidding, it happens all the time. But I would know, trust me. He would’ve called me by now, crying. He’ll call me, ‘I can’t believe they traded me to the Magic.'”

Tyrese Haliburton has been teammates with Buddy Hield ever since he was drafted 12th overall by the Sacramento Kings in 2020. They played together in Sacramento and both were traded to the Indiana Pacers last year as part of the Domantas Sabonis deal.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Hield’s agents are working with the Pacers on a potential trade after both sides failed to negotiate a new contract. The 30-year-old guard is in the final year of his contract and will be an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Hield has been one of the league’s best 3-point shooters. He averaged 16.8 points, 5.0 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 1.2 steals per game last season. He made 3.6 3-point shots per game, shooting at 42.5% from beyond the arc.

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Pacers GM confirms Buddy Hield situation, insists player will be with team next season

Buddy Hield of the Indiana Pacers. (Photo: NBA.com)<img class="lazy-img" width="1000" height="566" data-img="https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2023/09/b6760-16957970755964-1920.jpg" alt="Buddy Hield of the Indiana Pacers. (Photo: NBA.com)" data-img-low="https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2023/09/b6760-16957970755964-1920.jpg?w=840" src="data:image/svg+xml,” srcset=”https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2023/09/b6760-16957970755964-1920.jpg?w=190 190w, https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2023/09/b6760-16957970755964-1920.jpg?w=720 720w, https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2023/09/b6760-16957970755964-1920.jpg?w=840 840w, https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2023/09/b6760-16957970755964-1920.jpg?w=1045 1045w, https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2023/09/b6760-16957970755964-1920.jpg?w=1200 1200w, https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2023/09/b6760-16957970755964-1920.jpg?w=1460 1460w, https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2023/09/b6760-16957970755964-1920.jpg?w=1600 1600w, https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2023/09/b6760-16957970755964-1920.jpg 1920w”>
Buddy Hield of the Indiana Pacers. (Photo: NBA.com)

Indiana Pacers general manager Chad Buchanan confirmed to the Indianapolis Star on Tuesday that Buddy Hield’s contract situation is true. They stopped negotiations at the moment, but are open for another discussion later in the season.

“Buddy is somebody that we love having on our team,” Buchanan said. “We want him on our team this year. The business of basketball comes into play at times. We’ve had talks with him about an extension. Those talks are at a halt, I’d say, right now, but that’s not to say that they’re done. We’d like to have Buddy with us.”

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Buchanan added that they’re not shopping Hield and the team views him as an important part of their plans this season:

“We have no intention of trying to move Buddy. But it’s also our job to listen if opportunities come to help us improve the team. That’s what we have to do as a front office. Our intention is to have Buddy on the team this year and have him be a big part of our group.”

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