Honkai Star Rail Gift of Radiance event: How to get 800 Stellar Jade for free


Honkai Star Rail 1.4 is scheduled to be released on October 11, 2023, bringing with it an immense amount of content. This includes in-game events, campaign missions, and new characters. Summoning for these characters requires players to have either Stellar Jades or Special Star Rail Passes. This can be quite the pickle for players micro-managing their resources across all versions of the game.

Thankfully, developer HoYoverse has announced an upcoming login event that will hand out 800 Stellar Jade for free to all players. Read on to learn more about the event.

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How to participate in the Honkai Star Rail Gift of Radiance event

The “Gift of Radiance” event for Honkai Star Rail is scheduled to run from September 29, 2023 (04:00, local server time) to October 10, 2023 (03:59, local server time).

Players simply have to log in to the game for a total of seven days to obtain all rewards. A total of 800 free Stellar Jade will be distributed to all players, irrespective of platform or Trailblaze Level. The rewards can be collected via the in-game mailbox for immediate use.

What can players use these free Stellar Jades on?

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The 800 free Stellar Jade can be used at will, with players having the following choices:

  • Summoning for new characters: Version 1.4 will feature new 5-star characters Jingliu and Topaz, along with the 4-star character Guinanifen. Most players will likely use these Jades on them.
  • Summoning for Light Cones: Alongside the two new 5-stars, a total of 2 banners featuring new Light Cones will be released. Assuming players successfully summon their character of choice, they may want to summon for the Light Cones next.
  • Miscellaneous: The final alternative is to use the free Stellar Jade on the permanent Stellar Warp banner or for refilling Trailblaze Power. Neither of these options is recommended, however.

The 800 Stellar Jade obtained is permanent and will never expire once collected.

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