“How much help does Giannis need?”: Damian Lillard’s blockbuster Milwaukee Bucks trade leads to new NBA fans’ meltdown


NBA fans were thrown for a massive loop Wednesday afternoon. After long wait, the Damian Lillard trade saga has come to an end. Only it wasn’t to the one team he proclaimed he wanted to go to.

In the end, Damian Lillard is one his way to the Milwaukee Bucks. There is a three-team trade in place between the Bucks, Portland Trail Blazers and Phoenix Suns.

As expected, NBA fans were blown away by this news. From the beginning, Lillard made it clear he wanted to play for the Miami Heat. Now, in a shocking turn of events, he is on his way to Milwaukee to join forces with Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Among the many reactions to this news was fans calling out Giannis for needed more help to win another title.

The NBA has new superteam following Damian Lillard trade to Milwaukee Bucks

The biggest takeaway from this trade is that the NBA has another new superteam. Milwaukee was already a threat to contend this season, and now they’ve become a clear favorite. Led by a duo of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard, they have all the star power they need to make a run at the title.

Losing Jrue Holiday is a tough blow, but the Bucks now have another superstar alongside their franchise pillar. On top of that, they didn’t give up much in the form of players to get this deal done. Along with this star duo, they still have key supporting cast members like Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez. If this group can stay healthy, they’ll be a clear-cut contender in 2024.

Lillard made it clear that he wanted to compete for championships moving forward. It might not be on the Miami Heat, but he’s still in a great position to do so. The Bucks are a proven winner as they aren’t far removed from their championship victory in 2021.

With this trade, the Bucks front office has made a clear committment to their star player. Giannis made waves this offseason with talks about an extension, but that is sure to change. After bringing in a player the caliber of Lillard, they’d made it clear they are all in on chasing titles.

Now that this trade saga is over, the clock is ticking for the Bucks to get their new pieces working together. Training camp starts next week, and the regular season is just around the corner.

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