How to earn 3000 free Credits in Overwatch 2 Season 7


The extremely hyped Overwatch 2 Anniversary event has unfortunately suffered from an unexpected error. The past few days have seen an unfathomable amount of complaints against Blizzard solely for the Anniversary challenges not yielding the promised rewards. Despite repeated attempts at trying to fix this issue, Blizzard, unfortunately, has been unable to do so.

Some players have reported receiving excessive Credits through the Overwatch 2 Anniversary Event, whereas others have yet to receive a single dime. Read on below to get a more detailed brief on the same and how Blizzard is making the necessary amends to the entire community.

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Earning free Credits in Overwatch 2 Season 7

Blizzard, in a recent blog post in the official Overwatch 2 forums, announced that players will be eligible to earn 3,000 Overwatch Credits for free in Season 7. To do so, players must log in and launch Overwatch 2 anywhere between October 10, 2023 and October 17, 2023.

By simply logging in, players will be eligible for the 3,000 Credit bonus for free, without even having to complete any event challenges.

Due to some unforeseen issues, Credit rewards in Overwatch 2 were not functioning as usual. Most of the players have suffered through the unfortunate account of not receiving their due rewards despite completing multiple Anniversary challenges in-game.

The developers have temporarily frozen all Anniversary Credit rewards during this time period until further notice. This was also implemented to stop a select number of players from abusing this bug to attain unlimited Credits in the game.

To compensate all players equally for the time and effort spent in grinding through these challenges, the devs have offered a 3,000 Credit bonus to all players during the first week of Season 7’s release.

New Control map ‘Samoa’ in Season 7

The upcoming Season of OW2 will see the release of a brand-new map, Samoa. Set amongst the beautiful sandy coasts, it will feature the Control game mode. As per the latest news, Samoa will arrive in OW2 upon the Season’s release on October 1, 2023, as the Grand Finals for the Overwatch League conclude.

The release of Samoa also potentially teases the release of a new Hero, who we speculate to be Mauga in Season 8. Teased multiple times since the release of the Antarctic Peninsula, Mauga, the infamous Heavy-Assault gunning for Talon, is believed to be from Samoa.

Following the pattern we saw with regard to Ramattra and the release of Shambali Monastery, our speculations could very well come to fruit in the coming months.

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