“I was very proud of them”: BTS’ Jung Kook comments about TXT’s impressive VMAs performance of Back For More (feat. Anitta)


On Friday, September 30, BTS’ Jung Kook did an interview with Audacy Music following the release of his second solo single, 3D (feat. Jack Harlow). The idol talked about various things from his recent activities regarding his solo career to general discussion regarding his recent comeback.

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When asked about the VMAs and what he considers to be his favorite performance, he cited the junior group from his label, TXT, performing their most recent collaborative track, Back For More, with the Brazilian artist, Anitta. He also said that as the senior member of the group, he was proud of the members:

“I was very proud of them.”

Fans get teary-eyed as BTS’ Jung Kook named TXT’s VMAs performance with Anitta as his favorite at the award show event

MTV’s VMAs, also known as Video Music Awards, is one of the biggest western music awards conducted in the year which gathers artists from all around the world. While BTS members made their debut at the award ceremony in 2020 and attended for the next two consecutive years, their label junior TXT made their exciting debut at the 2023 VMAs which was held on September 13, 2023.

To commemorate their debut in the award ceremony, the group rolled out a performance of their recently collaborative track, Back For More, with the Brazillian singer, Anitta, which grew to become one of the highlights of the show. Their powerful and exciting performance caught many people’s eyes and also impressed their label senior, BTS’ Jung Kook.

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After rolling out his exciting comeback, 3D (feat. Jack Harlow), the idol has kickstarted his promotions through his first interview with Audacy Music. One of the questions that the host asked him was about the VMAs.

Given that the idol, along with the other BTS members, didn’t attend the award ceremony, the host inquired if he was able to watch any of the performances and if so which was his favorite. To this Jung Kook replied,

Actually, I’m their seniors within the label. I watched TOMORROW x TOGETHER’s performance with Anitta and I really enjoyed it. It was an incredible performance. I was very proud of them.

Fans were moved to tears by Jung Kook’s confession after the interview’s release. There’s no doubt that both the BTS and TXT members have shared quite a close relationship with each other since their houses under not only the same label, HYBE but also the same entertainment agency, BIGHIT MUSIC. While fans have seen many interactions between the two on the internet, the recent comment made by the BTS vocalist is quite a precious one.

Here’s how fans have reacted to it:

During his interview with Audacy Music, the idol also talked about his future activities with regard to his solo career. At the end of the interview, Jung Kook teased his fans by revealing that there might be a solo album released by the end of this year. However, he kept the other details unveiled.

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