Is actress Rishta Basnet getting married to her boyfriend Ajay Singh?


Celebrity love affairs and marriages are long been an occasion in social media and many other stages. As per recent news reports, Actress Rishta Basnet is going to tie the knot. She is about to marry her boyfriend Ajay Singh Thakuri as source reports.

Although the date of the wedding has not been fixed, it is said that the wedding is likely to take place this year.

Rishta is in love with Ajay Singh Thakuri, who has been living in America for a year. On Wednesday, she also reached the premiere of the film ‘Hijo Aajka Kura along with her lover Thakuri. This couple has already participated in the premiere of two films.

Rishta Basnet Appeared along with her boyfriend Ajay Singh Thakuri in an event in Kathmandu recently.

Many times, they succeeded in hiding their relationship from the media but this time they failed. She accepted her relationship with Ajay and said that she is going to get married soon.

In the program, while she said that Ajay’s ability to be patient is very good, Ajay said that he likes Rishta’s speech, mannerisms, and eyes.

Rishta, who started her acting career with the film ‘Hostel’, has acted in many films. But her film career is not so successful. So, she is also planning to go to America after marriage.

Many relationship news of early ages of celebrities were just gossip and timepass in the past. Some celebrities are happily married for a long time.
Many celebrities such as models, actresses, and actors are choosing their life partners from the person outside of their career line. We wish this relationship between Rishta and Ajay may continue and live happily till their end.

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