“It’s happening!” – Social media erupts as Shawn Michaels says 2-time WWE Champion is welcome in NXT


Former WWE and AEW star CM Punk has gathered more than a few detractors throughout his years in the wrestling business, but Shawn Michaels is not one of them. The creative head of NXT recently stated that the Voice of the Voiceless is “welcome” on his brand.

Speaking during the NXT No Mercy media call, HBK said the following when posed with a question regarding CM Punk:

“Of course, we would welcome him here in NXT. I always enjoyed working with Phil. I understood him. We were once at TV, he pulled out an autograph I signed for him.”

These comments have sparked a lively debate online, with some fans attempting to will this potential move into existence while others are more skeptical toward the idea.

The Second City Saint has been linked with a move back to WWE ever since his AEW contract was terminated following the backstage altercation with Jack Perry at the recent All-In pay-per-view. However, nothing even remotely concrete has come about from these rumors.

Perhaps a stint in WWE’s developmental brand is exactly what Punk needs to steer his in-ring career in the right direction once again.

Some fans are already picturing the numerous dream matches he could have with some notable rising stars:

The naysayers have also chimed in, pretty much laughing off the thought of the multi-time world champion ever showing up in the Capitol Wrestling Center:

Nonetheless, only time will tell what the move is for the self-proclaimed Best in the World.

Kenny Omega speaks up after Jade Cargill’s move to WWE

Should CM Punk decide to make the switch over to WWE after his tumultuous spell in AEW, he will join the likes of Cody Rhodes and, more recently, Jade Cargill, who have both made the same move.

Former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega recently spoke out about the “embarrassing and shameful” behavior fans display when a star jumps between promotions:

“This may be news to a lot of fans out there,but when one wrestler goes from one company to another, we tend to always wish them the best and cheer for them while they embark on their new journey. Genuinely.”

“It’s embarrassing and shameful that some fans aren’t capable of the same,” Omega tweeted.

Omega’s sentiments reign true with a large portion of true, die-hard wrestling fans who simply want to enjoy a good product and watch their favorite wrestlers succeed. However, there will still be a section of the wrestling community that can not help but throw an air of toxicity when these kinds of career moves are made.

What do you think are the odds that CM Punk will show up at NXT? Sound off in the comments section below.

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