Jake Guentzel injury: Penguins insider provides optimistic update on former Stanley Cup winner


Pittsburgh Penguins fans received a ray of hope as the team’s star player, Jake Guentzel, took to the ice for practice, wearing a white no-contact jersey. Guentzel, who underwent offseason ankle surgery, is progressing well in his recovery, raising optimism about his return to the lineup.

Michelle Crechiolo, the Penguins’ Team Reporter, shared the encouraging news on Twitter, stating:

“Jake Guentzel (offseason ankle surgery) is on the ice for Penguins practice at UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex wearing a white no-contact jersey. We LOVE to see it.”

President of Hockey Operations and General Manager Kyle Dubas also expressed confidence in Jake Guentzel’s recovery, saying:

“We’ll miss him for the first couple of games of the year, but then he’ll be back to the Jake we know, which I think is the best solution for all of us.”

The ankle injury that necessitated surgery was a concern for Guentzel towards the end of the previous season. Initially, the plan was to monitor the injury’s progress during the offseason.

However, when it became evident that the ankle wasn’t healing as expected, the Penguins’ medical team, led by head team physician Dr. Dharmesh Vyas and head athletic trainer Chris Stewart, collaborated with Guentzel and experts in his home state of Minnesota to devise a precise treatment plan.

This plan included testing the ankle in a game setting during Da Beauty League, a league Guentzel had participated in for years. Unfortunately, the discomfort persisted as he tried to reach the prescribed recovery levels. Consequently, the decision was made to opt for surgery, a step deemed in the best interest of both Guentzel and the team.

General Manager Kyle Dubas on Jake Guentzel’s injury

The 37-year-old GM Kyle Dubas explained the injury concerns of Jake Guentzel and said:

“It’s in Jake’s best interest, and it’s best for the team to have Jake at 100%.”

Jake Guentzel is scheduled for a re-evaluation in 12 weeks, around the week of October 23. The Penguins‘ early-season schedule provides some flexibility, with only three games in the first week.

There are two games in the second week, starting from their season opener against Chicago on October 10. If all goes well, Guentzel might miss just five games.

Dubas emphasized that the timeline is subject to medical considerations, saying:

“Around five games is kind of the projected number, but it’s medical, so you never want to put a lock on that because we always have got to do what is right for him. We’re hopeful it goes well, of course, but we want to make sure he is 100% ready to roll when he comes back.”

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