NFL fans lose hope in Russell Wilson’s Broncos winning ability ahead of week 4 clash vs Bears – “Team has zero fire”


Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos could not have started the season any worse, with the team not only losing all the first three games, but also being humiliated by the Miami Dolphins in a 70-20 loss that included the rivals taking a knee to avoid beating the record of most points by a single team.

With not much hope for the remainder of the season, the Broncos will take on another 0-3 team on Sunday, with the Chicago Bears far from being considered a contender for anything. In truth, they’ve been even more disappointing than the Bears.

But Broncos fans are not sure that Russell Wilson and the team can beat even the Bears, which goes to show how far they have fallen behind in recent years. The last time they made the playoffs, Peyton Manning was still the quarterback.

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Why is Russell Wilson struggling so much?

The quarterback isn’t mobile anymore due to his age, which means that some of those amazing plays he made with the Seattle Seahawks simply aren’t there. He can’t escape from pressure and leave the pocket consistently as he did.

He has never been a great pocket passer, and now that he needs to stay put and scam the defense, it has become a cause for concern. He should improve during the year after understanding Sean Payton’s offense even better, but at this current time, he’s not at a high level.

The 70-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins was not his fault. Defensive coordinator Vance Joseph decided to play Cover 2 for most of the game and just ignored how the Dolphins were exploring the middle of the field, with Tyreek Hill having one of the greatest games of his career due to such an amount of space available for him to attack.

At the end of the day, Russell Wilson will be judged based on wins after how much the Broncos paid to the Seahawks to acquire him. It might not be the best way to do it since it’s a team sport, but not everything in the NFL is fair.

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