Prime Minister Deuba Dismises 4 Ministers of Coalition


On Going battle to win the upcoming election and to form a new government for the 5 years ahead, political parties are busy forming their alliances and supporting each other in different groups by polarizing in a major power struggle of election campaigns these days.

As one of the political parties involved to form the current government left the coalition and joined the opposition, Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba dismissed the ministers participating in the government from the Janata Samajwadi Party. On Thursday, Deuba dismissed the four ministers of the Janata Samajwadi party (JSP) who left the power coalition and joined the election campaign with UML.

Deuba has dismissed Federal Affairs and General Administration Minister Rajendra Shrestha, Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Mohammad Istiyaq Rai, Agriculture and Livestock Development Minister Mrigendra Kumar Singh, and Forest and Environment Minister Pradeep Yadav. Their responsibility has been handled by Prime Minister Deuba himself.

Ministers who have been sacked by prime Minister Deuba from the Current Coalition government.

The upcoming parliamentarian election in Nepal along with the provincial election may not be the same as before in terms of popularity and majority of a single party as thousands of independent candidates are in the run.
Nepali people have voted overwhelmingly for more than 30 years for current big parties.
Nothing went better than expected from parties and promised by the political leaders.
Nepal needs to find a leader to come up with progress with the young generation to sustain the current system or else the current political system of Nepal could fail a new one soon.

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