“So Colorado was just all bark no bite”: CFB fans lose faith in Buffaloes ability to compete after dismal Q1 vs USC


Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes are having a tough time in Boulder. Fans had expected the team to pick up their game after last week’s defeat but have been left disappointed. Sanders surely would have expected more from his boys.

The Buffaloes came into the season with great hope after hiring Coach Prime, who had made Jackson State pretty competitive during his time there. But five weeks into the 2023 season, that hope is getting a reality check.

College football fans seem to have lost faith in the Buffaloes already, after a dismal performance against the USC Trojans in their own backyard.

CFB fans fumeed at Colorado getting punished by USC

The Colorado Buffaloes haven’t impressed college football fans with a below-par performance against the USC Trojans.

It’s just half-time and it already looks like a blowout. The fans have lost faith in the Buffaloes’ ability to compete against stronger teams and it has turned into a memefest. A fan says they feel bad for the Colorado team after such a performance.

Another fan shared a video to mock Sanders’ boys for the last two weeks.

A fan thinks the Buffaloes are all talk and don’t translate that on the field.

Another fan created a whole new word to describe the situation Buffaloes find themselves in.

This cat seems to be a college football fan hooked into the game.

Another fan had this to say about Shedeur Sanders’ performance in the game.

This fan has a representation of Caleb Williams throwing bullets against the Buffaloes.

Colorado vs USC has really become a memefest on the internet.

Another fan takes a shot at all the celebrities coming out to support Deion Sanders and the Buffaloes.

This fan seems to feel vindicated on the Buffaloes issue.

Caleb Williams looked in fine form, throwing long touchdown passes with ease through the Buffaloes defense. And Shedeur Sanders is no answer for USC when he does get the ball. Deion Sanders’ carefully crafted team just cannot seem to cope.

Another hard day for Deion Sanders

Coach Prime put in the whole offseason to carefully craft a team that could compete with the big guns of college football. He sent most of the old roster into the transfer portal and rebuilt the whole squad. Just into week 5, he is in for another long night.

Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for Colorado against the Trojans. From a missed field goal to picks to blocked punts, the game has seen it all. At halftime, it is 34-14.

It is difficult to come back from their position but it has been done before. Can the Buffaloes redeem themselves in the second half and bring the fans some confidence?

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