When Olivia Dunne’s fiery response to NY Times landed her a spot on SI Swimsuit shoot: “‘We loved that you clapped back” 


LSU Tigers gymnast and social media star Olivia Dunne once earned herself a spot on a Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot after clapping back at and standing her ground against the New York Times.

“Olivia Dunne: Clapback at New York Times ‘hit piece’ led to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit spread https://trib.al/vao1d29” – New York Post, X.

The publication infamously published a column in November 2022 with Dunne on the cover clad in her LSU leotard, and a caption that read: “New Endorsements for College Athletes Resurface an Old Concern: Sex Sells.”

While Dunne initially appeared excited about the interview, the final outcome was way beyond her belief.

“[The New York Times] wrote a hit piece about me, it was complete **. I mean, they called me on the phone in November and they told me that they were going to write about my accomplishments and stuff and I was like, ‘OK, for sure. That’s awesome. The New York Times. That’s huge,'” – Olivia Dunne was quoted saying on the “Full Send Podcast.”

Dunne even conceded that the interviewer called her as a petite young blonde during the interview, much to her disgust.

The publication even went as far as to say that what Dunne was doing, was a step back for women’s athletics.

Sports Illustrated on the other, however, was quick to jump in and commend the young girl for her act of bravery.

“I guess it caught Sports Illustrated’s attention and then they were like, ‘We loved that you clapped back at The New York Times since they’re so major,’” Dunne said.

The famous American sports magazine offered Dunne a spot in their coveted Sports Illustrated swimsuit spread, which she gladly accepted.

Olivia Dunne and MLB boyfriend Paul Skenes recently go official

Olivia Dunne and her MLB boyfriend Paul Skenes recently erased all doubts about their dating rumors after Skenes shared an image of the pair cozying up at a Tigers game.

“Back in the boot!” – Paul Skenes, Instagram.

Skenes shared an image to his Instagram with Dunne, with a caption that read “Back in the boot!” to which Dunne replied “my love” with a yellow heart emoji.

Skenes recently conceded to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about how close he was becoming to Dunne, and this just seems to be another building block in what seems to look like the beginning of a very fruitful relationship between the incredibly talented pair.

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